So many people coming every year to our beautiful country to have a holiday. Why not come and study here?

For example, if I would live in the UK, the same course we offering cost around 15000.00 British pounds. After your study there you will get the exact same accredited qualification. Same document, same stamp, etc. So why not considering to come here. Study in this beautiful part of the world, escape the rainy weather in the UK and enjoy our beaches, surf and sunshine.

15000.00 pounds are at the moment 300,000.00 South African Rand. The course we offering is around 90,000.00 SAR so for an additional 100,000.00 Rand you can rent a student flat and live very well, resulting that you will safe around 100,000.00 Rand in the interim.

Most important is that I believe that we will give you at least the same quality education than the one you would get in the UK.

This is not only for students in the UK, also all other African countries and Asian countries as well.

Something to consider I guess…..

Most important, and I am not trying to say that


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